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Chaturbate Hack - Free Tokens

Hey. Lot of u guys send to us a message 'how can i hack chaturbate', 'free tokens' or something. There it is! My friends tested that hack and works. Have fun! :D

  1. Log in to Chaturbate.
  2. Run generator.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Enter an ammount of tokens.
  5. Click 'ADD TOKENS'.
  6. Wait about 15 seconds.
  7. Well done. Now you have tokens for free.

Skulls of the Shogun for free with Crack

Hey. Enjoy!

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2 Crack (PC)

Hi. Today a working crack for Epic Mickey 2 direct from SKIDROW. Tested on my PC and works. Enjoy!

  1. Copy all files from crack folder.
  2. Paste in folder where you installed game.
  3. Have fun!

NBA 2k13 Crack

  1. Install the game - Full Installation.
  2. Extract the File Archive to the game directory - Overwriting existing files!
  3. Play the Game!

Temple Run 2 Hack - WORKING 2013

Hi. All instructions in my video. Enjoy!

Feed the Beast - Minecraft Hack - WORKING ON MP


    1. Go to you're "FTB\Mindcrack\instMods"
    2. Replace "MinecraftForge with One you Downloaded"

    • Fly=F
    • Xray=V
    • Step=Delete
    • Fullbright=G
    • Nofall=Insert
    • Sprint=Lctrl(Click to Sprint)
    • Added Cavefinder and Speedminer to the client
    • Added autofish, iridium only, and redpower gems. 
    • Added Custom Xray (WIP) 
    • Added Other Gui Key F12

      League of Legends Referal Bot v2 - WORKING

      What does this bot?

      After you have logged in with the account you want to level up it creates a custom game vs a bot and while in game it clicks in base so the game will not detect you as afk.When the game finishes(surrender), the bot starts all over again. 

      What can i do with this bot?

      1. You can also level up your smurf account while you do not use computer(at least til level 15).

      2. You can take advantage of the refer a friend system. With that i mean that you can create spam emails and then invite those emails from your LoL account. Then you use the link that was sent to those emails to create new accounts. When you reach level 5, you earn 250 ip for ur main account and when u reach lvl 10 u earn 500 ip for your main account. Plus if you reach lvl 10 with 10 accounts u are awarded 975 rp!

      1. Download.
      2. Log in game with smurf account.
      3. Start bot.